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Commercial and organizational consultancy

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Nobody but the customer knows better what to search for and it is important to transfer such knowledge before studying, proposing or suggesting the best adapted type of service.

To develop a good commercial outstanding, it is necessary to allow people talk first then start listening.

We believe People are the most precious value in an Organization, the pillars that sustain it. Human Resources are basic points to maintain and improve competitiveness. We increase the results of companies by improving the people’s performance.

People’s analytical consulting development protects the companies’ structures. It helps strengthen any of any Department’s main points, basically commercial and those related to Marketing + Customer Service and Management Services areas.

What is done? How? and why? They will give us the clue to find the best balance. Correcting habits and feedback concepts, will give us the reward.

Listening, Analyzing and Improving


Considering trends and evolutions that erode everyday activity.


Evaluating all the necessary concepts to distill the most important means to improve.


Rubbing and settling new directions will lead us in a better way.

Our Strategies


We gage everything. We get deep in people’s capacities and how they can improve.

There are different types of situations where human behavior changes. Conditions such as environmental, structural, personal, intellectual and even individual… always have an influence in human behavior acting as possible “breaks” on individual evolution, equipment or companies structure.

The fundaMental program is applied during the following cases:

  • Appraisal
  • Work enviroment
  • Competency Analysis
  • Commercial revenues
  • Performance evaluation
  • Retributive parameters
  • Group dynamic
  • Coaching

All the applications are done individually, without interrupting the the companies’ activity during the agreed work sessions.

The fundaMental checking and diagnosis we decide to apply on each component of a business structure, individual and confidential, allows us to have an idea about their values, strengths and possible features, beginning from their weak points which can be developed TO ENHANCE SELF-ESTEEM AND RECOVERY, achieving better directions.


The results are progressive and have an impact on the entire staff, CLEARING AND ENHANCING CONCEPTS WHICH DON’T ALLOW BUSINESS TO GROW.


This management pattern allows us to take as a reference, the best aspects of companies’ or industry-leading products, optimizing your business by evaluating the following:

  • Sectoral studies specified by each demand.
  • Comparative concept grids.
  • Statistics.
  • Strategically crossed information.

Salary Consulting