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Commercial Outsourcing

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Current trends allow many companies to outsource more means, therefore it is important to have a reliable business partner who can manage and provide enough security and confidence. Here is where commercial outsourcing intervenes, recruiting and subsequently managing external sale forces.
We help business prosper by creating and managing external commercial teams, focus on specific projects or purposes.
We manage to design suitable and successful team sales by keeping a perfect balance between good work and a rigorous disciplined management.

Our formulas

4x4 External teams (Off-Road)

They are made to be managed in Outsourcing sale teams.

They are mainly focused to the on-trade (hotels, restaurants and catering), food and modern delivery.

Such teams are made from the desirable profiles adjusted to each customer, allowing to perform in a strategical way and assuring objective actions.

  • To canvas areas.
  • To check establishments.
  • To provide opinion studies.
  • To reflect reports.
  • To promote products.
  • To place PLV.
  • To transfer sales.

Team Coordination & Management