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cOnO (by Casulá)

cOnO Consultoresis a company dedicated to Organizational Consultancy and development of people to achieve New Objectives. We have plenty of national expertise which is currently spreading through the international market.

We have 4 main ACTIVITY AREAS which are directly related and combined, allowing the companies to improve profitability and the potential of its members.

  • Commercial and organizational consultancy
    fundaMental is the main key for each scenario. Before, during and after each plan: We order guidelines, correct deviations, discipline actions, guard growths and consolidate evolutions.
  • Sales training and coaching
    Based on modular or designed training programs. We get the best boomerang effects to enjoy the reward of investing in the development of each application.
  • Recruitment
    There is a different point of view regarding the recruitment process for those who play an active role in a market. We always choose the best ones in each recruitment.
  • Commercial Outsourcing
    We provide added values with the outsourcing of specialized teams. We manage the business activity in markets and channels, promoting the products with the most suitable people for each one.