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Sales training and coaching

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Motivation is the key

We sought out the suitable tool for everyone, by analyzing the recognized lack of progress and the will of progress. Basically, to reward the best business ground and the highest professional, qualitative and quantitative results.

Business develops by changing how you develop talent skills.

Concept will shape body

Our Workshops and Seminars, are simply practical, useful and effective.

We are aware of any kind of weak points, allowing us to build, adapt and implement the best technical tools that will enhance, provide enough confidence, motivation feedbacks, allowing us to stablish a suitable recipient for each program.


  • Don’t expect they’ll buy from us.
  • Do not offer, Propose.
  • Create needs.
  • Introduce, Explain, Negotiate, Unblock and Close.

Each proposal is shown smart and honestly aiming to achieving loyalty and growth during sales.

Our tools

BMR Sales

Different adjustable BMR Workshop sale modules to satisfy every need. Combinable.

  • Commercial Teams. Sellers.
  • Leadership. Sales’ Managers.
  • After Sale Teams.
  • Customer Service.
  • Selling Point Management.
  • Call sales.

TIMÓN (Taller de IMpulso & motivaciÓN) - Boosting and motivation workshop

Different "TIMÓN" workshops are created to satisfy every need. Combinable.

  • Boosting and motivation.
  • Focus alternatives.